Top 10 Christmas Presents Under $25 For the Procrastinating Chick

How in the heck does Christmas comes so fast each year? I ask myself that every year. We rush Fall so that we can begin decorating our homes and playing Christmas music nonstop. In my sweet southern town of Tallahassee, Florida we folks start the minute we eat the last helping of Thanksgiving dinner… or earlier. Even though there is only a slight climate change from Summer/Fall, you can smell Christmas in this town. I. LOVE. IT.

I enjoy Christmas for many reasons: the Ugly Sweater parties, the chilly weather and bonfires, the cookie decorating, the Christmas lights that make the neighborhood look magical, thousands of excuses to have parties and drink cocktails, the winter weddings, the cute Christmas cards, THE DOLLAR STORE FINDS, etc. They all make Christmas feel like a classic song you never tire of. But there’s something I’ve always been keen on above all- GIFTING all of the special people in my life. I know everyone says that, but it’s literally my favorite thing to do. Ever since I was little I wanted to get the perfect gift for everyone. As the years have passed, I’ve acquired enough cash flow to stop making my mom “free back massage” coupons. (THANK GOD)  But true to form, I am always a last minute gift-buyer. No matter how much in advance I plan or look, I am always rushing up until Christmas eve.

But this year, I’ve decided to own who I am! So what if I’m last minute? I get the job done and bring Christmas joy to all my people. I’ve put together a few of my favorite gift ideas to help the procrastinator in us all! Because sharing is caring and I love y’all. Not one or five, but TEN gift ideas that are $25 and under and perfect for those special friends. I’ve even made it super easy and linked all of the places to buy them with just one “click”!


  1. Stila Cosmetics Warm & Fuzzy Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick Set- $20


I was gifted this exact set by a close friend and fell in LOVE! The formula is smooth and rich and I love an all-day wear lippie. Stop by Ulta or Sephora and snag one of these babies for a friend or family member. The colors are wearable for multiple skin tones, so you can get away with gifting a few people with the same thing,

2. H&M Ankle Boots- $24.99

I WISH people would buy me more boots! Like, can you ever really have enough pairs? No, no you can’t. These edgy ankle boots cost just under $25 and would be the perfect gift for that fashionista sista you love so much! H&M has plenty of styles on their website for you AND your bestie! Hurry- if you order today, there’s a deal on FREE SHIPPING and guaranteed arrival for Christmas!

3. Monogram Coffee Mugs & Coffee Kit ($22)

We all have that one friend who is OBSESSED with coffee and even more with coffee mugs. These adorable monogram mugs may or may not actually be in my kitchen cabinet. Target has these mugs for $5.99 and coffee pack for $11.99 for delivery or in-store pick up.  Let’s face it- they belong in everyone’s kitchen. They’re the perfect gift paired with their favorite coffee, creamer, and a sweet little note from you all for $22!

4. Movie Date- $25


I do not recall the last time I went to the movies. The prices are ridiculous and I always want nachos, candy, AND Popcorn. We all know that’s like a million dollars. This is a more practical gift and I do it for someone at least once a Christmas. (I know, I do it for someone else but not myself. Crazy) That exhausted mama who’s been wanting to go with hubby to the movies for two months can finally enjoy a night out on her bestie’s tab.

5. Ardell Lashbook- $17.49


YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! I want five of these. Ardell double stacks and wispies are my holy grail. This Ardell Lashbook is absolutely genius and a must have. Every makeup junkie and MUA needs this in their freelance kit. DO IT. Order it online at Ulta by December 18, and it’s guaranteed to arrive by December 24th.

6. Charlotte Russe Faux Fur Coat- $25

I am a BOUGIE bishhhh and I love me a nice fur coat. It doesn’t quite get cold here in Tallahassee but boy when it does, you can find me in my fur. This faux fur coat belongs in my closet and in any of your fashion diva friends’. This particular one is available at Charlotte Russe and can be purchased online as well.


7. Morphe 35O Palette- $23


This palette changed my life, two years ago. I have four of them, just in case in case something happens and it is discontinued. It’s that great and just under $25. The colors are warm and rich and have enough spunk/class to be worn on any occasion. I especially love that the shades look great on any skin tone. Ulta is now carrying Morphe products and I saw this babe in there the other day. Don’t feel like being in all the Christmas madness? Go online and buy it by December 18 to have it by the 24th.

8.  New Years Eve Glam Romper- $24

Just like Christmas, New Years is right around the corner and always comes full throttle. We all rush to find the perfect outfit for a night out on the town, which can sometimes be unsuccessful. Gift your bombshell friend with a glitz and glam piece to bring in the new year. This romper is on Forever 21’s website and perfect for us Floridians. We NEVER have enough cold to wear real winter clothes. BUT pair this with a bomb jacket and some amazing booties and you’re set to go even on the chilliest nights.

9. Halo, I Love Your Rose Gold Tassel Earrings, Lulu’s- $15

I have been obsessed with these tassel earrings. I saw a fellow blogger post about them and thought how amazing of a gift that would be. They are classic and elegant and add a huge statement to your outfit. These particular ones are from Lulu’s and are priced at $15. You could switch up the styles and get one for each of your friends or family members.

10. Lush Cosmetics Bath Bombs- $8.95

When I think of the top brands who I respect and love the most, Lush Cosmetics is one of them. Their motto “Giving is at the heart of our business” speaks volumes and they do SO much for the world. Bath bombs are always a great gift for that friend who works too hard. A few of these delicious bath bombs, customized based on her needs and favorite scent, will make her Christmas SO much more relaxing. All of their products are 100% vegetarian, no testing on animals, no purchasing from companies who test on animals, and all handmade- can’t get better than that. 


Any of these amazing gift ideas are sure to send one message above all- LOVE. Make sure to let me know which one you went with! Happy Holidays to all of my wonderful followers! I hope that each of you enjoys your special moments and cherish the people you spend it with. 

xoxo B

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  1. Marianne says:

    Omg! Those lipsticks are my fave!!! I’m definitely a sucker for Holiday lip kits!


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