A Trip to Loblolly For the Sweet Caitlin



When Caitlin’s friend Thea asked me if I was available for Caitlin’s wedding in December 2017, I felt so honored. Every time I get the opportunity to do makeup for someone’s wedding, it is always a privilege I do not take lightly. Weddings are one of the most pivotal moments of our entire lives. We spend hours planning every last detail, so it can be the most perfect day. We can have anything we want and hire whoever we want to get the job done. If someone selects me to be a part of something so important, I am humbly grateful for every moment.

Caitlin and I went to the same high school. Her husband Griffin and I went to elementary school together. In fact, majority of the people in the wedding party were mutually exclusive to me in some time or place in my life. I LOVED IT. Tallahassee always has a way of connecting so many different people. Thus, this wedding party was a special one with a great group of individuals.

When we met up for Caitlin’s bridal trial, I couldn’t help but notice how beautiful she was without a lick of makeup. She always had that classic beauty about her. Long, perfect, red hair, a killer smile, THE BEST LIPS, and the most soft fair skin. All of my brides are special and have their own personality and preference. Every now and then I will come across a bride like Caitlin. They possess a general idea of what they want but are laid back, trust your abilities, and just excited to be getting married. They are the ones you connect with on a special level as an artist, because they allow you to have full control of your artistry. Caitlin barely wore makeup which is often intimidating when you’re applying a full face of makeup for the first time. (It’s scary for some people who are used to seeing themselves without any makeup on.) Not for Caitlin, she was ready for anything and naturally, her sweet disposition and bubbly personality just eased the way for me to work my magic. We ended the session with so much excitement! 

The day of was an exceptional, breezy, Saturday morning in December. The humidity non-existent, not a cloud in the sky, no chance of rain (CRAZY reality for us Floridians in any season) and the sun glowing over the plantation as I arrived. When I walked into the cabin I found all of the bridal party patiently waiting for the events to take place. They were all full of so much spunk and laughter, especially the maid of honor, Emily. She was the MOST organized and hilarious MOH I’ve ever worked with. Caitlin was like a little girl getting ready for her first dance and smiling from ear to ear. I always love seeing brides in those final hours. You could tell how much she loved her girls and how excited she was to be getting married. She was everything I would want to be on my wedding day.




As I worked on each bridesmaid, I had to take a step back and appreciate the uniqueness and beauty of each one of them. These girls were all drop dead gorgeous but not a single one looked alike and neither did their hairstyles or dresses. They made my job ridiculously easy. It makes your heart so full when someone appreciates your craft and genuinely loves what you’ve done. Not to mention, seeing Caitlin’s mom tear up as she zipped her dress up was probably the icing on the cake. I was having ALL THE FEELS that day! I am so thankful to have been a part of her special day and will hold it in my heart forever.

As a wedding vendor, you meet so many talented individuals who share your same love for weddings. While onsite, I got to meet the absolute SWEETEST photographer in all of the land- Amber Brogdon Page. I had seen her work previously, but this was my first time working with her. As I look back on all of the photos, I find myself smitten with how she captured the details of the day. For someone so young in the game, I could not apprehend just how talented and professional she was from the moment she arrived. I’ve worked with so many photographers who are all great; however, her gentle direction, effervescent personality, and kind soul won me over completely. She was the type of person who made you immediately want to hug her and never let go. I LOVED working with her. All of the photos on this blog post are compliments of her amazing craftsmanship. If you’re looking for a photographer for your special day, you’ll want to book her. A million thanks to her for making my work look daggum good! 


Caitlin and Griffin truly had a fairytale wedding. From the wedding planning, to the details, all the way to the flower arrangements, they had one of the most beautiful weddings I’ve ever seen. The hand-made décor by Caitlin’s mother and the scrumtous cakes made by her grandmother, really emphasized the most important aspect of weddings- love. There was so much LOVE in this day. I wish them both all of the happiness in the world! 



Hair- Lacey Hanmer of Tryst Salon

Photographer- Amber Brogdon Page of Amber Brogdon Photography

Venue- Loblolly Rise Plantation

Wedding Planner- Amy Smith of Papaya Wedding Planning

Florist- Missy Gunnels Kane 

Makeup- Your Truly ❤

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