The Best Full Coverage Foundation Under $6.00



I knew the caption would at least strike your attention. I mean, seriously? A foundation that is full coverage AND under $6? Seems unlikely. No, it’s not a sample size. And I promise I didn’t get it off EBay from China, either. This miraculous discovery happened in Walgreens while I was waiting for my prescription. I was skimming through the cosmetics (naturally) and came across a foundation by Wet N Wild. Honestly, I don’t use a lot of Wet N Wild. That’s generally because I can usually find a better alternative with a similar price somewhere else. They’ve just never really came out with anything I gravitate to on the reg. But this? HUNNY- take my money! My clients are always asking for Dupes or alternatives for high end brand makeup. Mostly my mamas who don’t want to shell out $40+ a month on foundation and concealer. I figured, why not try this? At least if I don’t like it- it’s ONLY 6 bucks.

Three Words- Photo Focus Foundation.

Comes in a square glass bottle, holding 1 fl oz of pure facial pixie dust. This liquid foundation is marketed for photography with its “flawless, camera ready” finish. When I purchased it, I even got a free sample of Wet N Wild’s primer in the same line. I didn’t use it during this trial run, since I’m particular about primer, BUT who doesn’t love free stuff?


Packaging- I actually appreciated the heavier glass bottle. I can’t imagine carrying 15 of these in my freelance kit, but I can admire their vision. The top is just a simple plastic cap with a spatula applicator. The spatula was a feature I was pleased to see. It reminded me of  Tarte and Lancôme’s foundations. The applicator helps scrape all the product out efficiently without waste or mess. It also makes application a breeze. No more pouring some on your hand and applying with your fingers or a brush. You can easily apply the right amount with the wand and blend with your favorite tool.


Finish- I was pleasantly surprised to see that this foundation had a seamless, smooth, full coverage finish. I was expecting a sticky, patchy finish with oxidation. (My expectations were beyond sad) My skin literally looked like butter after application. It did not feel cakey as I built coverage and was relatively easy to buff into the skin. I used my Real Technique’s Buffing Brush to work into the skin with stippling motions, and finished it with my beauty blender. The result was beautiful and lightweight. I have a few beauty marks on my face and I could still see them, but I wasn’t mad. It concealed my under eye circles and that was good enough for me!

Longevity- We all want a foundation that is full coverage until we take it off. I found this to be full coverage and long lasting with the addition of a few important items: primer, concealer, setting powder, and fix+. I primed with Smashbox Photofinish Primer, concealed with Tarte Shape Tape Concealer, set with Laura Mercier Translucent powder, and finished  with TONS of MAC Fix+ per usual. I’m not 100% sure that this would stay full coverage for long without these products. I applied it around 12:00 PM and removed it at 11:30 PM. The only area that lost its coverage slightly was my nose, but that was because I was sick and blowing it every 10 min. I was SO happy it did not oxidize. I find that a lot of drugstore brand foundations oxidize almost instantly on my skin. This foundation held its beautiful golden color for my entire wear.


Overall, I found the foundation to be a WIN. My face looked radiant and the formula was gentle on my skin. I took pictures with natural lighting at the salon and I was in awe! After my trial, I read up on the reviews of this product. Some hated the smell, some hated the wand, some loved the finish, some broke out, Etc. My opinion? It’s $5.99, it doesn’t oxidize, photographs beautifully, and it can be built to full coverage. Main points are all covered for me. The fact you can buy this from any drugstore is also a amazing. Ulta and Sephora closed? That’s okay, there’s a Walgreens and CVS every five blocks in Tallahassee. I want to note that even though I did wear this with the addition of other products in my first trial, I did wear this a few times with just primer. It stayed fine. However, I did not check its long lasting capabilities during those times since it was only for a few hours of wear. You should definitely try it at least ONCE and take some beautiful pictures. Wet N Wild was not lying that this foundation photographs perfectly. Make sure to let me know what you’re thoughts are after you use it! I’m curious if anyone will LOVE this foundation as much as me. I feel like I’m winning in 2018 and it’s only February. Love you dolls!

xoxo, B

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