Galentine’s Day Brunch

Who likes to be single during Valentine’s Day? NO ONE. This was my first time being single on Vday in YEARS and I forgot how that felt. I’m a simple girl and never needed very much to be happy. Even if I dated someone who lacked the romanticism we crave on Valentine’s Day, I was satisfied with a simple card or kind gesture. As February arrived,  I kept seeing the memes making fun of single people all over my timeline and thinking: “Holy shit, that is NOT gonna be me.” I made a vow to myself that I would not sulk or feel bitter because of my relationship status. Who the hell says you need a MAN or WOMAN to be happy and loved on Valentine’s Day? I started this year by agreeing to be patient with myself and making small changes. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither will my future. 2017 was a tough year and I have a lot of baggage that I still need to lighten. I decided that I needed to continue on that path and keep my spirits alive. Even if I didn’t have a special someone to share it with, Valentine’s Day was not going to fail me.

I have THE MOST AMAAAAAZZZINGGGGG friends. Truly, I don’t know how I got so lucky. Each of them different, with a bond nothing can break. I realized that through all of these difficult times, I always have them by my side. THEY were my true Valentines. I decided that I wanted to throw a Galentine’s Day brunch and honor my Gals who stick with me through thick and thin. Honestly, any excuse to get my ladies together and sip some champagne- IS A “W”!

I planned this spur-of-the-moment brunch in under two weeks. Normally, I like more time to shop around and play with my theme. This time I decided to keep it simple, clean, and full of all my favorite brunch items. I always opt for a brunch because it’s less demanding than having my friends commit their Saturday or Friday night. Some of my friends have kids, husbands, boyfriends, girlfriends, jobs, priorities, etc. This allows them time to come and go and still get things done later, if needed. (Also, everyone knows BRUNCH is better than any other meal 😉



As I planned my brunch I skipped out on the red hearts and roses. Even though red is my favorite color, I didn’t want it to be too cheesy. I may have been throwing a party themed for “Valentine’s Day”, but it didn’t need to permeate the vibe. I settled for elegant and girly chic. Simple black/white table setting, candles, and bright pops of pink. To make the table POP I added a bouquet of pink flowers, bright colored desserts, and pink silverware. I really wanted the brunch to be the highlight, as opposed to an overkill of pink and white decor.

A rectangular table is ideal and more visually appealing for a table spread, but my humble one bedroom apartment downtown just isn’t big enough to accommodate my taste. My round dining table did just fine and didn’t disappoint anyone. Shout out to my baby for writing my Waffle Bar sign that she misspelled (haha, love you Brie.)

Beeta 286


Food Menu

Brunch has my all-time favorite dishes, but what I love most is the different variations you can do. The menu can go so many ways depending on your guests. I settled on a sweet-tooth favorite for the main dish- Waffle Bar. Not only does it look AND taste amazing, but it’s a very affordable option. The toppings can be any favorites but I went with fresh fruits, nutella, sprinkles, and chocolate chips.

I also made a baked Brie wheel with honey and nuts surrounded by fresh baguettes, chocolate covered strawberries, and three different kinds of cookies. I spread the food out all over the living and dining area to make mingling easier and not just around the waffle bar.

My beautiful gals all wanted to help and bring something to make my life easier. It was not a potluck ordeal, but when your friends insist on helping- you let them. Among them, Jen made fajita omelette, Robyn brought all of the beautiful Valentine’s themed donuts (they made the table spread so beautiful), and Cari brought homemade banana bread. SO MUCH SWEETNESS.



Is it really brunch though without a Mimosa Bar? I think I speak for everyone by stating that this was the best part of the brunch. Mimosa Bars are an easy way to make a self-serve alcohol station that doesn’t involve much: bottles of champagne, orange/cranberry juice, peach puree for bellinis, and fresh fruit for garnishing. The adorable glitter flutes were also plastic and mess-free. You just throw them in the recycle bin after you’re done- no washing/drying ladies.


Easy Finds

I say “easy” but I definitely shopped at quite a few places until I found what I was looking for. I blame it on a short time-frame and busy schedule. The majority I was able to find at Hobby Lobby, Dollar Tree, and Walmart. I always try to put together my own centerpieces with fresh flowers. However, around V-Day fresh flowers are an expensive commodity. If you plan accordingly, you can always find the easiest and most cost-effective for you. To help make your next brunch, baby shower, or party planning an easier process, I’m sharing and linking a few of my supplies that brought the party together. All were reasonably thrifty and made all the difference to the theme. Remember: more isn’t always “better” and that presentation is key!

Plastic Glitter Champagne Flutes: Hobby Lobby (12 Pack) $5.99

Black and White Table Runner: Hobby Lobby $4.99

Floral Arrangement Centerpiece: Beer Mug (Dollar Tree) $1.00; Flowers (Walmart)$5.99-$7.99/each

Pink Straws: Walmart (12 Pack) $4.80

Serving Trays- Dollar Tree $1.00/Each

White Candles- Dollar Tree (2 Pack) $1.00

Pink and Gold Foil Plates- Hobby Lobby (16 Pack) $5.99

Gold Glitter Forks- Hobby Lobby (24 Pack) $2.99


All in all, Galentine’s was a success! I am so grateful for the support and love that I have in my life. It makes the inevitable ups and downs so minuscule on a larger scale. My group of girls are each unique and talented in their own way. Some are mothers, some are artists, some are law students, some are writers, some are girly, some adore simplicity, others are complex; but all of them are beautiful and inspiring. Put them in the same room and it’s like they’re able to chat like old friends. They each have a soul that just radiates a love that can light up the whole world.

I snapped only a few pictures not necessarily for the blog but to remember the day. My sweet Asia was 6 months pregnant and still came to spread the love. I can’t wait to show her daughter when she finally arrives! Having their company and support showed me that love and companionship are two completely different things. Valentine’s Day is a day of LOVE for all. What is a girl without her squad? I don’t even wanna know! Needless to say, my heart and stomach were both so full!


xoxo, B

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