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There are so many eye shadow palettes available on the market, how can one even r purchase them all without going bankrupt? Are we just suppose to buy one and say: “Screw the rest.” The ever growing market of cosmetics understands we are never satisfied with just one palette and keeps them coming. Each palette meticulously created for the current season and appealing to the makeup junkie in us all. From the outside, WE WANT EM ALL. So how do we pick the perfect palette?

When choosing a palette for my next purchase, I look for three things: pigmentation, creative possibilities, and cohesiveness of the colors. These three attributes help me decipher which palette is worth the big bucks. One brand that consistently produces extraordinary eye shadow palettes is none other than Anastasia Beverly Hills. Hence, when I peeped one look at her newest launch, the “Soft Glam” Palette, I knew I had to have it. Just as the Modern Renaissance, Subculture, Artist, and Prism palette, I have not been disappointed to shell out nearly half a Benjamin. I feel I can never rave enough about her products. The consistency is on another level and really speaks a lot on her overall brand. Without any shame, I can with full confidence say I have given her more money than I have my landlord. #sorryimnotsorry

The Soft Glam palette launched just in time for Spring and has me overly ecstatic to begin creating new looks. Despite the “soft” description, the fourteen-pan palette bears just the right amount sparkle, boldness, and dusk for even the most daring women or men of our time. A palette that can concoct a look for a school girl on-the-go, a sophisticated boss lady for her 9-5, and sexy socialite at the best club in town. Each color was obviously well-thought out and the ending look all depends on YOU.



In this palette you have fourteen .02 oz shadows to work with. If you’re a current owner of an ABH palette, you may find some of your favorite shades from previous palettes. These shades include: Tempera, Orange Soda, Sienna, Noir, Dusty Rose, Cyprus Umber, Burnt Orange. I know, I know- this will make some people question whether it is worth the purchase, since half of them are from other palettes. However, ABH and her team have a vision for each palette they release and focus on the correlation of each color. They place the right amount of transition, highlight, and glitz shades to make it extravagant, nonetheless. If that means getting a transition shade from another palette, I’m okay with it.


Tempera– “Ultra-matte velvety beige”

This color is the softest color in the palette and a reoccurring shade that I had in the Modern Renaissance Palette. I appreciate this over the lighter bone shades I’ve seen in other palettes. This color complimented my skin more. It’s a perfect shade to highlight the brow or place as a base for your creation.

Glistening– “Iridescent gold with a hint of pink reflect”

Holy SHIT! This gold is perfect for a bridal look. It’s name barely does it justice as you truly glisten in any light. This glittery champagne color applies as more of a medium finish, in comparison to the other metallic shades. You can build up the intensity with Fix+ but I think this was meant to be a “soft glam” ingredient. Perfect for just the right frost on the lid, without being over the top.

Orange Soda– “Ultra-matte pastel peach”

Orange soda is a ABH matte favorite of mine. I love using this as a transition shade and it compliments a warm eye-shadow look impeccably. It’s a quintessential mix of Makeup Geek’s Chickadee and Peach Smoothie shades that I always use, except in one step. It blends easy and is build-able with other shades. Matte shades are my go to for the foundation of the perfect eye look. Not to mention, pastels are in this season and so is this color.

Rose Pink– “Rose gold with a soft pink iridescent hue”

This new shade is probably one of the most gorgeous colors I’ve seen. The shimmer/metallic/glitter shades in this palette are the REAL DEAL, I kid you not. Rose Pink is a genius way to bring a rouge pink and rose gold together for the win. It will compliment any skin color and integrate the sensual vibes of Spring in your next look. I found that this color and Sultry were best applied with my finger. (Yes with a million brushes, you still sometimes use your fingers lol.)

Sultry– “A hybrid satin metallic finish warm chocolate brown”

As if the name didn’t give it away- this is SULTRY to the MAX. A rich, metallic shade that is SO pigmented, it should be illegal. My favorite color of the entire palette and perfect for a bold smokey eye. It’s audacious and sure to inspire me for months. Nineties makeup was so bold with all of the beautiful brown hues and dark shadows. I can see a recreation in the books using this and a few other shades in the palette.

Bronze– “Metallic gold bronze”

Where are my festival babies? This is THE color to have with you on every adventure. A glitter goddess’ dream for that perfect POP of copper and gold. Another color that is new and sure to impress those who love all things GAUDY. If Cleopatra wanted a color to describe her aura, she would’ve picked this.

Mulberry– “Ultra-matte mulberry”

Another new shade that is true to its name as far as color. A reddish brown with a matte finish that definitely needs a light hand. Most of the browns- and in this case red brown- shades are so pigmented that one should start with a small amount. I wasn’t reaching for this color as much when I initially tried it for the first time. (Probably because the glitter shades had me in AWE) However, I love the color and can see this pulling together a lot of bold looks for me.

Dusty Rose– “Ultra-matte dusty lilac”

I remember using this color so much when I first purchased the Artist palette as a transition shade. This was during my mauve and nude obsession when everything was about blush tones. (I may or may not still be in that obsession.) This is a subtle matte shade that can bring the “soft” aspect to light. The pigmentation is unreal, which is surprising when you first use it. Perfect for a natural bride or business casual look.

Fairy– “Multi-dimensional light gold”

A delicate amount of shine with a uniquely, whimsical finish. This color may seem understated in correlation to the other metallic shades, but it is needed I feel. This is very wearable for an every day look and should be used with a primer. The glittery aspect can make it appear lighter but need not worry. Pair this with Dusty Rose and Tempura for an refined look, fit for a day-date or brunch.

Burnt Orange– “Ultra-matte deep orange”

One of my ABH favorites for transition and in the crease. Pigmentation is pristine and it pairs well with almost any look that I want to create. I feel that this color was made for me!  This color is a staple for me and every smokey eye look that I create! Light hand and blending folks- this may not appear pigmented in the first stroke, but it can go from 0-100 with a tad bit more product. This color makes so much sense being in the palette, even if it’s been in another. It brings the neutral and matte shades to a happy medium.

Sienna– “Ultra-matte earthy brown”

At a first glance, I am drawn to this deep, reddish brown shade. I was the minute I saw it in my Modern Renaissance Palette. I mean, it’s breathtaking and perfect for my skin tone. However, on my first attempt I can’t say I successfully utilized its depth and finish. This color was hard to evenly blend into the crease. It applied very uneven for me and since it is so pigmented, I found it even harder to back-peddle. I would suggest layering this shadow to intensify a look and USE A GOOD PRIMER. Eye primer really makes or breaks certain shadows, and this my people, is one of those shadows. On my second attempt, I layered this on the outer “V” and smoked out my lash line, and it worked so much better.

Rustic– “Ultra-matte deep cinnamon brown”

The last of the new colors in this palette but a real winner! This velvety smooth shadow has the perfect warm, yellow undertones to balance out the other brown, orange, and red shadows in the palette. A muted brown in my opinion but still possessing splendor and intensity, nonetheless. The earth tones in this palette encourage even a non-experienced artist or Makeup junkie the ability to pair the right shade in their look. This color applies to bare skin evenly and as easy as butter spreads on toast.

Cypress Umber– “Ultra-matte dark coffee ”

This shade is deeper than any other brown and the second darkest color of the palette. It is needed for definition. The pigmentation payoff is amazing and you can blend this bad boy with little to no effort. I appreciate how long this color lasts for me when using it previously in the Mod Ren palette. It has a delicate way of adding ferocity to your eyes. Also, it is the perfect brow filler for me! I love when shadows have multi-purposes.

Noir– “Ultra-matte deep carbon black”

I have seen this dark angel of a color in a previous palette BUT I think it works in this palette SO MUCH BETTER! You need a nice, bold black in every palette and this is BOLD. The texture is not as smooth and velvety as I would like but the color is true to its pan appearance. I feel many blacks tend to have a more charcoal finish which just makes your eye look chalky at times. This striking shade helps build an unfathomable finish and stays all night long. I also relish this as a liner on the lower lash line.


Can you tell I think it’s perfect? I am obsessssedddddddddddd with this palette and encourage each of you to purchase this bad boy. For all of my MUA’s, this is a must have for Bridal season, which has arrived ever so quickly. You will enjoy putting your brushes to work and lay back in admiration after you’re finished. The pigmentation, color variety, and cohesiveness is all there.

You can purchase this palette on Anastasia Beverly Hill’s website, Ulta, and Sephora for $42 and believe me- IT IS WORTH EVERY DAMN PENNY. Already have it? Let me know your thoughts!


xoxo B

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