My Intro To The Keto Life

Hi Dolls!

I’m introducing a new area to my blog that has been in high demand from my social media following. I’m sure the title has given you a small inkling of what that might be. Yepp, you guessed it- I’ve entered the world of Keto! At 28, health has become such an important focus in my life. The need to eat, exercise, and live healthy is much more habitual than it was a few years ago. No more 7 day cleanses or Military diet for those tight dresses I wanted to fit into, in a matter of three days. Only to return to my unhealthy eating habits right after. (So glad those days are over!)

Ya girl is trying to avoid things like: diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, cankles, muffin tops, cellulite, FUPAs, etc. I need a diet that is strict enough to see weight-loss, yet realistic and long term. I settled on the Ketogenic Diet, also known as Keto. I am not a nutritionist or a professional dietitian, people. However, I want to answer the most common questions I receive, in this blog post about the diet. These are all from MY personal opinion and should be taken as such. ❤


What is Keto?

Keto is a diet based on the strict intake of high fat, moderate protein, and very low carbohydrate. By reducing your carb intake and increasing your fat consumption you enter in a metabolic state known as ketosis. Ketosis is the state in which your body uses fat for energy and to fuel your body. There are several versions of the Keto diet but I follow the Standard Ketogenic Diet. 


Is Keto Great For Everyone?

I do not think there is a diet in the world that appeals to everyone. This diet is no exception, as it is very difficult for some. I’ve read my fair share of reviews and articles pertaining to Keto and have received mixed reviews. I chose to do what I personally felt was best for me. What most people struggle with is the Macros needed to successfully follow Keto and be in ketosis. Every person’s macros are different but generally follow a 75/20/5 rule. The diet doesn’t solely work by limiting your carb intake. The point is to follow the necessary macros religiously. 

Another factor that makes people question the diet, is the fact it goes against everything we’ve been told in the health world. FAT IS BAD. Not according to this diet. My macros state I’m supposed to take in 80% fats daily to achieve ketosis and see weight-loss. That sounded crazy when I first calculated my macros. I’ve had to find sneaky ways to add fat in my meals without literally gnawing on a stick of butter. After my first week, I was a pro. 

Something to also consider when entering a diet, is the cost. Initially, my pockets were not prepared to purchase grass-fed butter, almond flour, organic nut butters, stevia, and organic heavy cream in bulk. However, since I don’t use the entirety of these items every single day, I didn’t have to stock up on these items weekly like I used to with bread, pasta, snacks, fruit, etc. It was more economically efficient to plan my meals and shopping lists. I also pay attention to sales and seasonal veggies when planning my meals. 


How is the Food?

I am happy to report that I am not living off rabbit food. Y’all, the food I eat is BOMB! I think that is one of the reason’s I’ve been able to successfully stick to Keto for the past few months. I’m not just happy I can eat things like bacon and cheese (those were obviously deal breakers in the beginning for me, not gonna lie.) But I had to adjust to planning meals and cooking things that had the right macros. I’ve expanded my knowledge on the right foods and researched recipes for hours! My Pinterest board is a lifelong cookbook and I haven’t even tried them all.  And guess what? I intend on eating everything my heart desires. No more diets that restrict me. In this diet, it’s about finding the better alternative.

I’ve made dishes such as: chicken pot pie, cinnamon rolls, crab cakes, tacos, chips, pizza, BLT’s, jalapeno poppers, sushi, pumpkin spice creamer, and so much more! The possibilities are endless and with a little planning and creativity you can make anything Keto. 


How Do You Calculate Your Macros?

Since the Keto diet relies on the intake of certain macros, I knew I needed an app to help me keep track. I downloaded Lifesum and it has been extremely helpful. This allows me to: log my foods, look up items quickly by scanning the barcode, create recipes that I make and get the macros for a single serving, drink the correct amount of water, and much more. I even have it connected to my Health app on my phone and it adds my exercise and steps. 


Keto has been a life-changing adventure for me. From feeling better, to mentally having more clarity, it’s been amazing. I post my meals daily on my Instagram- jbreza22 so make sure to follow me on there if you haven’t already! I am SO excited to share this journey with you guys! I’ll be uploading at least one recipe a week in addition to my results for the months to come. What kind of recipes do you guys want to see? Make sure to let me know so I can get on top of all of your Keto needs!


LOVESSS you guys!

Beeta xoxo



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