Keto Blackberries and Cream Fat Bombs

When Publix decides to put blackberries on sale for $0.98 a pack, you raid the store of all their blackberries… multiple times! I don’t know what we did to deserve this wonderful blessing from the Publix Gods, but thank you! (Btw, if you’re in Tallahassee, you can still take advantage of this deal, as I’ve gone for the past three days and repurchased more 😂 YOU WELCOME.)

I obviously can freeze these and use them later, but I wanted to make something with them while they are fresh. Blackberries are not usually my go-to berry. I’m more of a strawberry or raspberry girl. Blueberries are my favorite, but they’re usually so expensive that I settle for the latter. BUT, since I got these babies for pretty much free, I decided to appreciate the moment and be creative with them.

According to my Lifesum app, there are 10 grams of carbs in one cup of Driscoll’s blackberries. Thus, snacking on them in one serving wasn’t necessarily my best option. Instead, I decided to make a sweet treat that I could split that cup of blackberries into multiple servings. I figured a fatbomb would be the best way to do just that.

**Fatbombs are small bites of food that pack in loads of fat with little to no carbs (under 2 grams). They differ from energy or protein bombs, as their main ingredient is fat as opposed to protein. They can be savory or sweet, depending on the ingredients and help aid in one’s cravings between meals. Because the Keto Diet requires a high fat intake, these snacks are helpful in terms of reaching your macros, and satisfy your cravings for sweet or salty.

I settled on a blackberry and cream fatbomb. A fat bomb generally is exactly what its name states: fat. Thus, you want to use pure sources of healthy fat so that it benefits your body in the best way. I chose to use coconut oil as the main ingredient. I also added cream cheese, mascarpone cheese, and stevia to flavor and add a more cream texture.

These babies are SO easy to make and honestly don’t require a lot of ingredients. All you need is a food processor to combine them and some form of a muffin or candy mold to freeze them in. They’re quick, easy, and so delicious! The blackberries give them the perfect tartiness and the cheeses makes them rich and filling.

You can store them in the freezer or the fridge in a plastic or glass Tupperware. Just make sure to eat them within a week if you choose to leave them in the fridge after freezing.

Helpful Tips:

1. Purée the blackberries first and then add in each ingredient one at a time.

I definitely made these a few times because I didn’t get the consistency right the first time. The coconut oil was separating and didn’t blend smoothly when I threw it all in at once. I found that if you purée the blackberries first by themselves and then purée each ingredient separately with them after, they blend much smoother. It will be a creamier consistency and tastes even better.

2. Use a silicon mold or rubber ice cube tray.

In my pictures I used a nonstick mini muffin pan. This was one of my first times making it and when I happen to snap pictures. Usually, when I make Fat Bombs, they easily pop out of the muffin pan with little effort. But for some reason I had a little trouble with these. My third time making them, I used a silicone ice cube tray I bought from the dollar store. It worked like a charm. Of course, they were smaller than the muffin pan and made more. This, I eat two instead of one for a serving.

3. Use these exact ingredients and brands to get the same macros.

I’ve listed the macros for these Fat Bombs on the bottom of the post. In order to ensure that you’re getting these exact nutrients, you need to use these products. You can always substitute items or add in more, just make sure you account for those when calculating your own macros.

Blackberries and Cream Fat Bombs

Servings: 18 mini muffin size Fat Bombs


– 1 Cup Driscoll’s Blackberries

– 8 Tablespoons Publix Coconut Oil

– 3 oz Philadelphia Cream Cheese (softened so that it blends easier)

– 3 Tablespoons BelGioioso Mascarpone Cheese (softened so that it blends easier)

– Stevia to your taste


1. Place blackberries in a food processor or blender and purée until smooth. About 45 seconds.

2. Add coconut oil to blackberries and purée until smooth. About a minute to 75 seconds.

3. Add cream cheese and purée until well combined. About 45 seconds.

4. Add mascarpone and stevia and combine until smooth and little marbling. About 45 seconds to a minute.

5. Using a silicone baking tray, ice cube tray, or candy mold, fill each cup evenly with purée. Tap a few times to release any air bubbles.

6. Place in the freezer for 30 minutes or until firm. Store in freezer in a tightly sealed container or in the fridge for up to a week.

Nutritional Macros:

Cal: 87 ; Carbs: 0.7 g ; Protein: 0.6 g ; Fiber: 0.28 g ; Sugars: 0.44 g ; Fat: 9.1 g ; Saturated Fat: 7.11 g ; Unsaturated Fat: 0.9 g ; Cholesterol: 7 mg ; Sodium: 22 mg ; Potassium: 0 g

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